Bathroom Wood Flooring

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Bathroom flooring by The Natural Wood Floor Company

Wood flooring can look stunning in all types of bathrooms, from luxury designer rooms to smaller, functional en-suites, but to get the most out of this beautiful natural material, you need to choose the correct type of flooring and look after it.

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Bedroom Wood Flooring

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 Bedroom flooring by The Natural Wood Floor Company

An allergy to dust mites is the most common allergy in the UK and 80% of asthma sufferers react to them.

The good news is that they can’t survive on hardwood floors, so ripping up old carpets and replacing them with a wooden floor, could be good for your health.

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Bespoke Flooring & Special Projects

Walnut and Oak parquetry with flooring provided by The Natural Wood Floor Company

Special Projects floors by The Natural Wood Floor Co

The Natural Wood Floor Company is able to work with customers and produce bespoke commissioned flooring that has been specified by our customers to produce a special designs that are manufactured for unique projects.

We work with interior designers, architects, contractors and individual clients on the design and manufacture of bespoke flooring.

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Church Renovation – The Sanctuary, Battersea

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Oak Drift Wood flooring in The Sanctuary, Battersea

The Natural Wood Floor Company supplied its Driftwood Pre-Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring for the recent church renovation project by James Laurence Group of The Sanctuary in Battersea.

The 240mm wide floor goes perfectly in the kitchen and living area. Its grey hue opens up the space and brings a contemporary and stylish look to a charming renovation.

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Hallways, Receptions and Stairs

Reception Oak parquet block with piano

Hallways, Receptions & Stairs by The Natural Wood Floor Co

Create the right first impression with a beautiful wood floor in your hallway. Or dress up your stairs with wooden step kits.

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Kitchen Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Floor, Pre-Oiled Wood Floor, Oak Wood Floor, Wood flooring for kitchens

  Kitchen floors provided by The Natural Wood Floor Co

Wood flooring is perfect for the kitchen. It has a warm character, is highly durable and yet is easy to clean and maintain, ideal for a high traffic area of the house like a kitchen!

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Living Space Floors

Oak floor with kids at Christmas

Living Spaces by The Natural Wood Floor Company

Choose the right type of wood floor for your living room. The Natural Wood Floor Company has a stunning range of attract wood floors perfect for living spaces.

For the latest wood flooring looks, come and see our textured boards, which highlight the natural beauty of the wood and its unique grain patterns, knots and tones.

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Luxury Home Flooring

Project The Complete Home

Luxury Home Flooring by The Natural Wood Floor Company

Wood Flooring can add a stylish to luxury projects. The Natural Wood Floor Company stock unsealed wide Oak boards that can be sealed in a finish to match your requirements. Or go for a pre-sealed or pre-oiled floor if you’ve got your heart set on a particular colour from our range.

Our Chevron Parquet Blocks are also perfect for luxury home projects. This stylish Oak parquet woodblock is laid in a classic chevron design for a truly timeless look.

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Museums and Gallery Floors

Natural History Museum

Museums & Galleries floors by The Natural Wood Floor Co

Flooring in public spaces is under constant use, so as well as looking good, it needs to perform exceptionally well too. This point is perfectly illustrated by the solid oak floor installed at The Natural History Museum.

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Office Wood Flooring

Small Office with Maple Flooring

Office flooring by The Natural Wood Floor Co

Our flooring is perfectly suited to all types and size of office space, ranging from large commercial complexes to small home offices.

Wooden flooring is so versatile that it also suits all office styles from funky, cool spaces to more traditional working environments.

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Sports Halls and Gym Floors

Gym parquet by The Natural Wood Floor Company London SW18

Sports Halls and Gyms by The Natural Wood Floor Co

Maple is the preferred choice for gym floors. We manufacture a range of engineered and solid boards in both premier and natural grades.

500 sq m of premier grade maple was used for the cross-battened sprung suspended floor at Chestnut Grove School in Balham. The Headmistress commented, “The sports hall is an important part of school life and the pupils and staff alike are all thrilled with the new floor.

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