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The Natural Wood Floor Company have provided several ways to help you find the wood floor for your project: –

Search by Floor Colour

All our floors have been colour coded to help find and best match a particular shade of colour you have in mind. When you hover over each colour the species and type of finish that are closest is displayed.

Search by Wood Floor Groups

All floors have either an Engineered or Solid construction. Read this FAQ article on the difference between Engineered and Solid wood flooring.

Engineered: Engineered wood flooring is now the most available flooring. It is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood species forming the flooring surface when the flooring is installed.

The stability of Engineered floors enables the product to be installed over all types of sub floors, and with some limitations depending on the width for under floor heating.

Solid: Solid wood flooring is the more traditional construction where there are limitations to the environments where the floors can be used due to the natural characteristics of the floor.

Search by Wood Floor Categories

Within both groups of floor construction there are different categories that apply: –

Board: A floor board (engineered or solid) without a finish i.e. an unsealed board that requires sanding and a finish

Pre-Lacquered: A floor that has been pre-finished with lacquer

Pre-Oiled: A floor that has been pre-finished with oil

Parquet Wood Blocks:  Parquet wood blocks may be unsealed or pre-oiled and can be solid or engineered. Our Parquet comes in two designs: traditional blocks or chevron boards. Read about the different parquet floor laying patterns in this blog article.

Overlay:  This is category is a reduced thickness board that can be laid on an existing floor that is supplied either unsealed, pre-lacquered or  pre-oiled

Search by Wood Floor Species

You can select the species you require from the list provided

Wood Floor Keyword Search

Use the Keyword search to find floors by various criteria e.g. jacobean, widths, descriptions or product codes

You can view our FAQs to gain an understanding of various characteristics of the different types of flooring and enable you to find that particular floor you are trying to find.

For FAQs:  see more

Wood Flooring Product Info

You can receive information on each individual product by hovering on the product image and ‘click to view more information’; then scroll down to the bottom of the product information and then click on ‘Email me this floor’s information’.

If you are interested in buying any products or you would like to know more about any of the products, please call our sales team, who can advise you on how to proceed, or email the team with your questions at the following contact points:

Tel: 020 8871 9771


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