Wood Floors under £40


Wood Floors at £40 and under per square metre

The Natural Wood Floor Company manufacture wood floors to the highest standards of quality to suit all needs.

Floors in this price range are typically:

o Thinner boards, usually 15mm or less

o Narrower width boards

o Often an overlay board that is installed over an existing sub-floor (What is overlay?)

How to order flooring samples

o  Hover over the floor image until the green information symbol appears

o  Click on the symbol and the information detail will appear

o  Click on the ‘Order a sample’ button (top right side) to create your sample basket.

o  Select as samples from as many products as you require

o  Enter your personal details and then click on ’Send’

Flooring Sales Contact

If you are interested in buying any products or you would like to know more about any of the products, please call our sales team, who can advise you on how to proceed, or email the team with your questions at the following contact points:

Tel: 020 8871 9771

Email: sales@naturalwoodfloor.co.uk

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