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Quality Flooring at Affordable Prices

All our flooring has been manufactured to the highest standards of quality and are available affordable prices.

For more affordable wooden floors, which are typically narrower width and of 15mm or less thickness, view our range of floors under £40 per square meter.

Our medium range price (between £40 and £65 per square meter) bracket wooden floors are typically of about 20mm thickness and may be medium width or wider boards. These floors can be either Premier or Natural grade. Read about grading in our on Differences in Oak Floor Grades.

The upper range of floors are usually a more exotic species or a wider board. Typically floors in this price bracket will be of a higher quality grade. View our range of £65 per square meter and above floors here for a more bespoke look.

There is a wide selection of floors on display in our Wandsworth showroom with a variety of different finishes.

Baked Oak Engineered Presealed

Baked Oak Engineered Presealed

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You can explore the full range of our flooring products to find the floor you desire where there is a wide variety of species, styles, constructions and finishes.

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