Latest Floors

Engineered Oak Parquet Wood Blocks Reception flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Compan, London

Latest Wood Floors

The Natural Wood Floor Company invests significantly in the development of new products, working very closely with our partners in the flooring industry and our customers to produce new products that meet new requirements and standards.

Our Latest wood flooring products are the most up to date and contemporary wood flooring available.

Create your own Scrapbook

You can create your own scrapbook with your own rooms and list products you are interested in buying. These will saved for you to refer to them when you next visit our website.

Wood Floor Search page

You can explore the full range of our flooring products to find the floor you desire.

Find the floor you require:  floor search

Product Information

You can receive information on each individual product by hovering on the product image and ‘click to view more information’; then scroll down to the bottom of the product information and then click on ‘Email me this floor’s information’.

Ordering samples for your floors

o  Hover over the floor image until the green information symbol appears

o  Click on the symbol and the information detail will appear

o  Click on the ‘Order a sample’ button (top right side) to create your sample basket.

o  Select as samples from as many products as you require

o  Enter your personal details and then click on’Send’

If you are interested in buying any products or you would like to know more about any of the products, please call our sales team, who can advise you on how to proceed, or email the team with your questions at the following contact points:

Tel: 020 8871 9771


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