Engineered Wood Flooring

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Oak Engineered Wood Flooring


About Engineered Wood Flooring

The Natural Wood Floor Company manufacture the vast majority of the engineered wood floors we sell, and can ensure that it has been manufactured to the highest standards.

Engineered wood flooring boards are now the most available flooring, in particular oak engineered flooring. Its construction is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood species forming the flooring surface when the flooring is installed.

The increased stability of engineered wood is achieved by running each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above. This stability enables the product to be installed over all types of sub floors with some limitations depending on the width for under floor heating.

Types of Engineered Flooring

There are several types of Engineered Flooring:

Engineered Board: A floor board without a finish i.e. an unsealed board that requires sanding and a finish

Engineered Overlay: A reduced thickness board that can be laid on an existing floor that is supplied either unsealed, pre-lacquered, or pre-oiled

Engineered Pre-Finished: A floor that has been pre-finished with lacquer

Engineered Pre-Oiled: A floor that has been pre-finished with oil

Parquet Wood Blocks: Parquet wood blocks may be unsealed or pre-oiled

Read more about Engineered Wood Flooring on our Expert Engineering page.

If you’re wondering what the difference between engineered and solid wood is, head over to our FAQ section.

Flooring Sales Contact

If you are interested in buying an engineered floor or you would like to know more about any of the products, please call our sales team who can advise you on how to proceed, or email with your questions at the following contact points:

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