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Why choose a wood floor?

There are many reasons why you should choose a wood floor for your project. Here are just a few reasons:

Versatile: there is a great diversity of species, colours, tones, patterns, and characteristics with wood flooring that makes it increasingly popular in residential and commercial properties.

Easy installation: modern flooring manufacture, accessories, and tooling make the installation of wood flooring a very straight forward task.

Easy maintenance and repairs: the availability of a wide range of specialised accessories facilitates easy maintenance to ensure your floor always looks its best. Existing flooring can easily be rejuvenated and transformed to compliment new interior trends and styles.

Healthy: a natural product that is easy to clean and provides a healthy environment. It is beneficial to allergy sufferers who may be affected by dust-mites and other irritants.

An investment that adds value: a good quality floor is a long life product that increases the value of property and should last a lifetime and beyond.

Environmentally sound choice: wood flooring is a sustainable, renewable resource that is a sound choice when sourced from European and North American efficiently managed forests.

Choose a floor from The Natural Wood Floor Company

The Natural Wood Floor Company can provide a wide range of Solid and Engineered flooring in many colours and styles together with the flooring industries best accessories.



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