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After care and advice on wood flooring

Osmo Wood Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning

Whatever treatment a wooden floor has received it will inevitably require some degree of maintenance.

The form that this will take will be affected by many factors such as type of finish, level of traffic, climatic conditions, and positioning of doorways and entrances.

Abrasive particles of dirt and grit trafficked on to a finished wooden floor can be very damaging and seriously shorten the lifespan of any treatment. The floor’s surface will quickly become dull due to scratches and the wood may be affected by the ingression of moisture and stains. Matting placed at external entrances can be highly affective at prolonging the appearance and life of the floor whilst reducing the frequency of refurbishment.

Protecting your wood floor

It is important that matting is of a type which allows abrasive particles to drop through it rather than remain on the surface where it can then be tracked on to the sealed floor. Matting should be large enough, ideally, to allow two steps across it. Periodically matting should be thoroughly cleaned. A dirty mat is ineffective and can act as a reservoir of abrasive particles. Pets can also traffic potentially abrasive dirt and grit into a floor. Pet claws should be trimmed regularly to reduce any scratches and indentations to the wood.

Wood flooring maintenance

An effective maintenance regime should consist of:

1. Dry cleaning: Floors should be cleaned daily using dry cleaning methods, such as vacuum, scissor mop or soft bristled broom.  It is important to remove any abrasive particles of grit and dirt which may scratch the floor seal when trafficked under footwear, chair legs, and other items moved across the floor.

2.Damp cleaning: Soluble dirt should be removed by cleaning using a spray-buff system or scrubber drier (large floor areas) or by mop and bucket (Smaller, domestic areas).

3. Additional cleaning: Wooden floors in commercial areas which may often become contaminated with grease from food, sweat, or residue from other sources may require additional, more intense, cleaning.

4.Further protection: Periodically it is advisable to use a polish or similar product on the floors surface finish.  This will help to fill in any small scratches to the seal, which act to make the floor look dull or lusterless.



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