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The Heritage of The Natural Wood Floor Company 

The history and heritage of The Natural Wood Floor Company has been one of progressive steps in the wood flooring industry that shows a long term commitment to quality and care for wood and the environment.

Providing wood flooring to London

Since the 1990s there has been a series of improvements to engineered flooring construction that have seen engineered flooring come the most popular construction due to increased stability with many being suitable for underfloor heating. Solid wood boards are unsuitable with underfloor heating.

Early 1990s

  • The Natural Wood Floor Company began to supply reclaimed and re-manufactured wood floors sourced from many old buildings in the UK, which were being demolished or refurbished at the time.


Mid 1990s

  • The company started to source different types of wood flooring, purchasing new Oak and Maple wood floors from Canada and America.
  • New species and products were added as the flooring market grew.
  • The Natural Wood Floor Company began to export products to Germany and Japan.


Late 1990s

  • Customer’s interest in solid wide and long Oak hardwood floors made from choice new timber grew.
  • The Natural Wood Floor Company invested in a new high-tech manufacturing factory in the UK, and started to produce fresh sawn products in Romania, close to Europe’s second largest oak forest.


Early 2000s

  • We created the UK’s first 6 coat pre-finishing line designed for wood floors, using UV energy, which creates a long-lasting, durable wear surface with no harmful gases emitted during or after the process.
  • Our production facilities in Romania were expanded.
  • We started to use solvent free waxes in production.


Mid 2000s

  • With more than 2 million square metres of flooring sold, we started to make kitchens worktops to compliment the flooring production.
  • We began to stock precision-engineered solid wood flooring to satisfy the high specification wood floors required for under floor heating.
  • Bio fuel was beginning to be used to kiln dry 100% of our products as we reached 0% waste from wood production.
  • Exports of Bio fuels grew to include Germany, Hungary, and Italy.


Late 2000s

  • Our factory in Romania had become Europe’s largest producer of solid Oak kitchen worktops.
  • With the price of oil increasing, the possibility of making electrical energy made from our waste products is becoming ever closer.


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