Waste products for recycling

Commitment to the Environment

As one of the leading wood flooring manufacturers in Europe, The Natural Wood Floor Company is committed to producing high quality wood flooring, with respect for, and in harmony with the environment.

The Natural Wood Floor Company believes that using wood from sustainable sources is essential for the replenishment and protection of forests for the future. The company select all their wood from government managed and farmed natural forests, which have long-term management procedures in place to ensure that there is a healthy crop of wood for the future.

With a ‘chain of custody’ procedure, which runs from the trees in the forest to the finished product, The Natural Wood Floor Company can personally assure clients that their timber comes from reputable suppliers and originates from a sustainable source. This means that each tree is measured, numbered and officially stamped before the timber is sold, enabling the wood to be traced back to its origin.

A strict policy is followed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the company’s products are produced with minimal impact on the environment. The Natural Wood Floor Company operates a zero waste policy throughout the whole production process, using the latest technology to produce first class products. The entire tree trunk is used in the manufacturing process. By-products, such as sawdust and bark, are then used to power the wood drying kilns and heat the factory buildings. Anything leftover is made into bio-fuel and sold.

New Wood Floor Products with reduced environmental impact

The Natural Wood Floor Company has recently extended their range of engineered flooring, which is good news for consumers and the environment. These solid hardwood floors are made with a precious hardwood, used in the visible top layer of the floor, and a stable birch hardwood for the structure of the floor. This birch hardwood is more suited to structural use, so less of the precious hardwood is needed to create a look of traditional solid wood flooring, giving you the best in high performance of modern materials.

Briquettes made from recycled waste

The Natural Wood Floor Company are keen to keep looking at new and different ways to ensure that they are keeping ecological concerns high on their agenda and regularly review their procedures in line with these environmental objectives.