Romanian Factory Expansion 2017

Our factory is situated in Romania where we can ensure high production standards with confidence

Our Romanian factory keeps on growing! The latest addition to the factory is nearing completion.

Expertly engineered flooring requires cutting edge technology, which is why we’re installing a brand new highly automated production line. Our flooring factory has some of the world’s most advanced machinery, including high-powered presses, precision profiling machines that work to within a fraction of a millimetre, and a more energy-efficient UV line for applying our beautiful finishes to your wood floor.

From pressing, sanding, and profiling, to applying a finish to our floors, we perform quality control checks at every step of the way so that you can be confident that your floor is made to last.

From forest to floor, we have a chain of custody procedure to ensure that we know that the wood coming into our sawmill is from sustainable sources. Our commitment to sustainability is met at every stage of production, with our factory operating at 0% waste from wood processing. Our continued investment in new manufacturing processes is why we can say with confidence that our floors are ethically responsible and are made to last.

A new addition to our factory being installed

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Expert Engineering requires constant innovation! Our high tech Romanian factory is having a new line installed

Read about our Expert Engineering here, or contact our team of experts for flooring sales and advice.

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