What a difference a floor makes

On a cold day in November 2016, The Natural Wood Floor Company team headed to South London to do a photo shoot of our new range. The location was an Edwardian family home that had been completely renovated by the owner.

It was a beautiful house, full of original features, stylish pieces of furniture and lots of wood. There wasn’t carpet to be seen and the walls were covered in panelling painted in neutral tones. Built-in wood features dominated – this household had clearly found a great carpenter.

A family with young children lived there, so it was practical too. The kitchen/diner had a concrete floor painted grey. It had underfloor heating, which was welcome as we always take our shoes off when we do a shoot.

It was a functional floor that really suited the room. Then, we laid our new Dusk boards on top of it. The transformation was incredible. It was still a practical floor that could withstand the travails of family life. It could also accommodate the underfloor heating. The difference was, the floor had now taken on a life of its own.

It shimmered as the morning sun streamed through the windows. The light bounced off the ripples and whirls in the oak’s grain that have been enhanced by a precision wire brushing process.

I noticed too that the Dusk wood floor was much easier on my old bones than the concrete – wood floors are natural shock absorbers. That’s why dance studios and gyms install them.

Dusk is also proof that you needn’t be dull to be practical. The boards are a work of art, but they won’t chip, peel or blister like traditional painted boards.

I’ve always been a fan of painted floorboards. Many years ago, when they first became fashionable, I had them in my office, but signs of wear and tear quickly showed, especially where the desk chair was situated. I don’t mind a distressed look, but this was a floor on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The New England boards that are part of our new range are perfect for that room. They are a lovely buttermilk colour, so give you the freshness and look of a painted floor, but like Dusk they are wire brushed, allowing the pattern of the oak to show through. And the paint doesn’t peel off. I could wheel my desk chair across the floor all day long and it would still look as good as new!

The bright airy entrance hall of our location was a lovely feature of the house and the owner had painted the original floorboards to great effect. Could we really improve on that? It turns out we could.

We laid our White Brushed down and it looked as if the boards had always been a part of the property.

They’re pale, so the entrance still felt bright and airy, but they also added warmth and once again, that all important texture. The lovely thing about White Brushed is that you can really make out the spectrum of colours in the oak. Like a log fire, this is one thing you could stare at for hours if only you had the time.

We’re really proud of our new range and hope you like it too. While you can get an idea of how stunning the floors are from the photographs we took, there is no substitute for seeing the boards for yourself.

Why not pop over to our showroom at 20 Smuggler’s Way in Wandsworth and have a look. Feel them. Examine the detail and see how they react with the light. You can also take a sample to see how they would look in your own home.


Our new White Brushed makes an entrance.

Who’s going to clear up all this mess?

Jan Baldwin makes sure our floors shine.

Dusk dazzles in Jan Baldwin’s photograph.

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