New: Oak boards at 70 & 100mm

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Narrower boards offer a new visual style

We are now manufacturing oak engineered boards at 70mm and 100mm – our narrowest current stock. These new widths are much like the floors we would have been making in our Wandsworth warehouse more than twenty years ago.

Now, the new boards benefit from our most up-to-date manufacturing techniques, with a thick 6mm top layer of European oak that is backed by a sturdy birch-ply.


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70mm oak engineered flooring, finished with a clear Osmo oil

Board specifications

The boards are available in two widths, 70mm and 100mm, and both have a 20mm total thickness.

As engineered boards, they are backed by our especially crafted birch-ply which is of an extremely high quality. This enables you to install the floor in a number of different ways, such as floated, glued or nailed, and over under-floor heating.

The top layer of oak is millrun grade that offers the best characteristics of the timber. And with a 6mm wear layer, the floor can be sanded a number of times when needed.

A micro-bevel is applied down the lengths of the boards only; ends have a straight edge.

Oak Engineered Board Unsealed Millrun 70 x 20 mm   code: OLMU/70

Oak Engineered Board Unsealed Millrun 100 x 20 mm   code: OLMU/100

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Engineered wood flooring end profile


Both the 70mm and 100mm oak floors can be laid as a nailed, glued, or floated floor, meaning you can opt for a solution that is right for your project. Where installing over under-floor heating, a compatible glue or underlay must be used.

Ideally, you should lay a ‘spine’ down the centre of your room and lay outwards from there. A 10mm expansion gap should be left where the flooring meets your wall.

Please speak to one of our team who can advise what the best solution is for your particular project.

Create a bespoke finish on your floor

As an unsealed board, this floor gives you maximum control over the final appearance.

A clear oil or lacquer can be used on the oak to seal the wood. These will give a hard wearing top surface while allowing the natural beauty of the oak to show through.

The oak boards can also be treated with coloured oils or lacquers that give a tactile, hardwearing and beautiful finish. There are a number of colours to choose from; including whites and greys for a contemporary Scandinavian look, rich browns that add warmth, or various shades of black if you prefer a Deco style. These and more are on display in our Wandsworth showroom.

Find out more

We have large sample boards of both the 70mm and 100mm new oak boards on display in our Wandsworth showroom; you are welcome to come and have look, and feel!

If you would like any help with your project then please get in touch with the team.

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