25 Beautiful Homes November 2016

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Oak Parquet Feature

Ellie and Rhys Davies’ beautiful south London home, with our Engineered Oak Parquet, features in November’s edition.

Treasure Hunt

‘Rhys and Ellie Davies searched high and low for unique pieces to match their characterful home’

The article in November’s issue talks to the couple about how they sourced all of the items for their home, and how their imagination gave them the foresight to see the project through. Now, with their home complete, you can see why their patience paid off as every room is another masterpiece itself.

‘Standing in the dilapidated basement and peering up at the London sky through the crumbling ceiling, Rhys and Ellie Davies must have needed a good dose of imagination to envisage the inviting home that they have created…’

Have a look around their beautiful home on 25 Beautiful Homes online

Engineered Natural Grade Parquet

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Pale walls and lots of natural light work well with the oak's rich brown hue.

Featured floors

Our natural grade oak parquet is available in various sizes so that you can choose a block that works well in your space.

Oak Engineered Parquet Woodblock Natural 280 x 70 x 19 mm   code: OLRW/280

Oak Engineered Parquet Woodblock Natural 400 x 100 x 19 mm  code: OLRW/400

Oak Engineered Parquet Woodblock Natural Grade 675 x 135 x 20 mm  code: OLRW/675

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An engineered oak parquet block, consisting of a top layer of solid oak and a birch-ply backing

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