Contract Flooring Journal June 2014

Contract Flooring Journal published June 2014

Distressed wooden flooring

The Natural Wood Floor Company has introduced a new range of distressed engineered wooden floors that highlights the character and charm of natural timber.

Bold and beautiful floors that are full of character

There’s no mistaking the genuine look and feel of wood when it’s full of visible textures, intricate grain patterns and accentuated deep splits, cracks and knots. There is a choice of three finishes: Old White, Sand and Antique Oak.

Crafted from the finest quality engineered oak, using sustainable timber, these boards create bold and beautiful floors, which are full of character.

Old White: Oak Engineered Overlay Distressed Old white Pre-oiled 180 x 15 mm   code: OLOLD/180  floor details

Sand:  Oak Engineered Overlay Distressed Sand Pre-lacquered 180mm   code: OLODSF/180  floor details

Pre-oiled: Oak Engineered Board Distressed Brushed Antique Pre-oiled 210mm   code: OLAD/210  floor details

Contract Flooring Journal Jun 2014

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Contract Flooring Journal Jun 2014 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Company SW18 1EG

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