Self Build Jun 2014

Self Build published Jun 2014

 Back to basics with wood flooring

The Natural Wood Floor Company has launched a new range of distressed engineered oak flooring, designed to create a dramatic but natural finish.

Distressed engineered Oak flooring

Distressed flooring has an engineered construction that has been machined to create a worn lived-in appearance to the top surface.

This has been done to meet consumer demand for flooring that has a worn appearance with an every day wear and tear look where further wear adds to the appearance. The machining process creates an appearance with filled surface cracks and a more rustic appearance.

The Natural Wood Floor Company provides distressed floors that can be either unsealed or prefinished with oil or lacquer.

The multi-layers in engineered flooring will create strong, stable boards that can cope with the changes in temperature and humidity that are encountered with underfloor heating or moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Floor :  Oak Engineered Board Distressed Unsealed 210 x 20 mm   code: OLDU/210  floor details

Pre-lacquered:  Oak Engineered Overlay Distressed Sand Pre-lacquered 180mm   code: OLODSF/180  floor details

Pre-oiled: Oak Engineered Overlay Distressed Old white Pre-oiled 180 x 15 mm   code: OLOLD/180  floor details

Pre-oiled: Oak Engineered Board Distressed Brushed Antique Pre-oiled 210mm   code: OLAD/210  floor details

Self Build Jun 2014

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Self Build Jun 2014 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Co SW18 1EG

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