Period Ideas May 2014

Period Ideas published May 2014

Tread lightly on wood flooring

If you are looking for light coloured floor boards that are pre-finished that require minimal preparation, we have the floor you need

There are plenty of choices when it comes to light finishes, particularly with engineered oaks, from on-trend silvers and greys to interesting white-wash effect.

Choosing your floor

An engineered white-washed floor that has been pre-lacquered could be the floor for you

Wood floors are available in a wide variety of light hues and finishes.

Alternatively you can apply coloured oils that are easy to apply to an unsealed floor. There is a wide variety of coloured oils to choose from that enables you to create a beautiful floor witha bespoke look and feel

Engineered wood flooring can be distressed to give the rich, patinated look of a reclaimed floor.

Featured floor:  Oak Engineered Board White-washed Pre-lacquered 180 mm  code: OLWF/180   floor details

Period Ideas May 2014

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Period Ideas May 2014 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Co SW18 1EG

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