Selfbuilder & Homemaker Mar 2014

Selfbuilder & Homemaker published March 2014

The benefits of wooden flooring

Beauty, quality, character & style
With such an abundant choice of colours, textures and styles, choosing the correct wooden floor for any build can be confusing.

Peter Keane, director of wood flooring manufacturers, The Natural Wood Floor Company, looks at the benefits of wooden flooring, how to select the best floor for your project and the latest trends for 2014.

Why wood flooring?

Wood flooring is a beautiful, natural, environmentally friendly flooring material

 Top tips for choosing wooden flooring

The grade of wood will make a big difference to the overall look of the floor. See below to read more…

Engineered versus solid wood flooring

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Selfbuilder & Homemaker Mar 2014

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Selfbuilder & Homemaker Mar 2014 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Co SW18

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