Ideal Home Mar 2014 Kitchen Worktops

Ideal Home published March 2014 Kitchen Worktops

Invest in a great worktop

Find a worktop that will last

Kitchen Worktop

A worktop is one of the most hardworking elements of your kitchen, so pick one that will last.

Kitchen worktops need to be durable and easy to clean, but they also have to look good, as they will play a big part in the appearance of your new space.

There is a wide selection of worktops available. here are just a few:

Oak:        Oak Worktop Premier Grade 2400 x 900 x 38 mm    code: WOP/2.4/900    worktop details

        Oak Worktop Premier Grade 2400 x 650 x 38 mm   code: WOP/2.4   worktop details

Walnut:   Walnut Worktop 2400 x 620 x 20 mm   code: WW/2.4   worktop details

Ideal Home Mar 2014 Kitchen worktops

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Ideal Home Mar 2014 featuring kitchen worktops available at The Natural Wood Floor Co SW18 1EG

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