Self Build Feb 2014 Kitchen Worktops

Self Build published Feb 2014

Kitchen Worktops

Wooden kitchen worktops are traditional and timeless

Wooden Kitchen Worktops

Although wood is considered to be a traditional option, new shabby chic trends and the availability of darker woods for a contemporary look have popularised this timeless option.

As long as wooden worktops are treated properly, the can be a good investment. They will need to be sealed with a hard wax oil in order to protect the wood. This will need to be repeated every six months.

All members of our sales team have an extensive knowledge of wooden worktops and can provide expert advice to assist in selecting the most appropriate worktop and accessories for your project.

A selection of kitchen worktops

There is a wide selection of wooden worktops available, these are just a few: –

Oak:          Oak Worktop Premier Grade 2400 x 650 x 38 mm   code:  WOP/2.4   see more

                    Oak Worktop Premier Grade 2400 x 900 x 38 mm   code:  WOP/2.4/900   see more

Walnut:    Walnut Worktop 2400 x 620 x 20 mm  code:  WW/2.4   see more

                    Walnut Worktop Natural Grade 3000 x 650 x 38 mm  code:  WWP/3M   see more

                    Walnut Worktop Long Stave 3055 x 670 x 40 mm  code:  WWLS/12  see more

Sealers:   Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin (3032) 0.75 Ltr  code:  OS/.75  see more

                     Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Matt (3062) 0.75ltr    code:  OSM/.75  see more

Self Build Feb 2013 Kitchen Worktops

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Self Build Feb 2014 featuring worktops available at The Natural Wood Floor Company London SW18 1EG

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