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The Times published 24th January 2014

Parquet flooring is staging a comeback

Parquet flooring is staging a comeback in the smartest properties.

Don’t be a square – put some geometry under your feet.

Chevron Parquet Woodblock

These days, the most fashionable type of parquet flooring is the chevron style. Peter Keane, a director of the Natural Wood Floor Company, says a herring bone design is probably best if the room is smaller – this way the room appears longer, as the points in the chevron pattern will draw the eye along the floor.

The Natural Wood Floor can provide an unsealed chevron parquet floor that gives you the flexibility to apply either a hard wax oil or lacquer finish with a colour a of your choice.

Floor:        Oak Engineered Premier Chevron 500 x 100mm     code: OLPRC/500    floor details

The Times 24 Jan 2014

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The Times 24 Jan 2014 featuring oak chevron flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Company SW18 1EG

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