Beautiful Kitchens Dec – Jan 2014

Beautiful Kitchens published December/January 2014

Advice on finishes for your wood floor

Engineered flooring is suitable for kitchens. It is made up of layers of hardwood ply sandwiched together at a 90 degree angle to the above layer. This is then topped off with a hardwood wear layer of your choice, which becomes the surface of the floor.

The advantage of this multi-layered core is the strength and stability it creates, resulting in an incredibly robust and reliable surface. This limits movement in the wood, which can occur when it’s exposed to changes in temperature and humidity levels. For this reason, it is particularly suited to kitchens, washrooms, utility rooms and any area with underfloor heating.

Designing with wood

It is not just colour, texture and board size – the pattern or direction the boards are laid is also key.

A combination of different wood types can be stunning – but make sure that the ones you choose contrast and expand at a similar rate. If your worktop or cabinetry is also wood, mix rather than match to avoid an over-cordinated design.

“To add depth and ensure kitchen stand out, look for difference in colour and texture” advises Peter Keane, director of The Natural Wood Floor Company.

The Natural Wood Floor Company has an extensive range of different styles of wood flooring suitable for your kitchen

Beautiful Kitchens Dec-Jan 14

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Beautiful Kitchens Dec-Jan 14 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Co SW18 1EG

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