The English Home Sep 2013

The English Home published September 2013

Furnish the floor in style

Timeless stone, alluring wood and practical man-made options all offer a long-lasting and beautiful look to provide the basis for the design of your home.

Wood and Engineered Wood

Warm and welcoming in looks, a wood floor brings a polished finish, its range of tones and distinctive patterns are ideal for either a traditional or updated look.

With an inclination towards grey finishes, The Natural Wood Floor Company has introduced three new engineered oak boards, Coastal Grey, Drift wood and Antique Blue.

Coastal Grey:            Oak Engineered Board Coastal Grey Pre-oiled 210mm        code OLCGO/210  floor details

Driftwood:                Oak Engineered Board Drift wood Pre-oiled 240mm             code OLDRO/240  floor details

Antique Blue:          Oak Engineered Board Antique Blue Pre-oiled 210mm          code OLABO/210  floor details

      Other widths and styles of flooring are also available

English Home Sep 2013

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English Home 2013 featuring flooring available at The Natural Wood Floor Company SW18 1EG

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