Deco Aug 2013

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Deco for greener interiors

 Wide plank wooden flooring

Sophie Barritt provides a great insight into things to consider when determining flooring for your living spaces. For larger rooms, the wider the planks, the more striking the floor can look. And wood from sustainable forests, or reclaimed wood, are good choices for the eco-minded home-owner.

 Wide plank wooden flooring How wide is wide? What are engineered boards? Check the provenance of your wood

To find out more read the full on-line article at    deco for greener interiors Featuring Oak Engineered Board that has been pre-oiled has been supplied by The Natural Wood Floor Company in living spaces with great results

Floor 1:     Oak Engineered Board Silver-White Pre-oiled 240 x 20 mm                  code OLS/240  floor details

Floor 2:      Oak Engineered Overlay Pre-oiled Grey White 210 x 15 mm                code OLOSW/210  floor details

Other widths are also available in both of these floors

Deco Aug 2013

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Oak Engineered Overlay Pre-oiled Grey White 210 x 15 mm available at The Natural Wood Floor Company Sw181EG

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